Game Jam
DOOMed Tales Promo Image

A short game inspired by DOOM made in a weekend with the Godot game engine with the theme of "Fairytale Murder."


My personal website built with SvelteKit, Typescript, and mdsvex.

Quickwarden Promo Image

A companion utility for the Bitwarden Desktop Client that creates a popup window to quickly copy usernames, passwords, and verification codes while inside any other app.

Game Jam
Squirreling Away Promo Image

Play as an escaped pet hamster saved by the squirrel resistance!

MC Mod

An API that provides an abstraction layer between the APIs of the main Minecraft mod loaders: (Neo)Forge and Fabric.

Game Jam
Unliving in the Moment Promo Image

You're a ghost with a rocket launcher. Can you defeat the Grave Digger?

Obsidian Plugin
Obsidian Frontmatter Links Promo Image

Renders links in a note's frontmatter as links

MC Mod
Pitch Dark Promo Image

Forces hostile mobs to only spawn in complete darkness

MC Mod
Shuffle Promo Image

Lets you place random blocks from your hotbar with ease.

Godot Minesweeper Promo Image

A minesweeper clone made in Godot with GameBoy-like graphics.

MC Mod
Armor Visibility Promo Image

Lets you toggle the rendering of armor with a keyboard shortcut.

MC Mod
Transparent Promo Image

Allows resource packs to make certain entities support transparency.

MC Mod
Flourish Promo Image

Lets you spread small flowers with bonemeal.

MC Mod
Sneak Through Berries Promo Image

Lets you sneak through Sweet Berries without taking damage.