Squirreling Away

DevLUp FSU Spring 2023 Game Jame Entry made in 48 hours and available on itch.io.


Name Role GitHub LinkedIn
Dion Tryban (Me) Lead Programmer GitHub LinkedIn
Michael Ridgeway Programming, Writing GitHub Soon
Alec Tremblay Programming, Art/Animation, Writing, Music GitHub LinkedIn


Play as an escaped pet hamster saved by the squirrel resistance! You are instructed by their leader “Fidel Squeaker” to wander through your previous owner’s kitchen and steal items that the squirrels can use to rise up and escape. However, the humans are looking for you! They’re turning the lights on and off again like crazy people! The light from the hallway will make the kitchen glow to let you know they’re coming, and if you get caught out in the bright kitchen light, they’ll return you to your cage! Hide behind anything you can’t move to evade capture! You can push and drag items along one axis at a time back into the squirrel’s lair, or move them around to create platforms you can use to traverse the kitchen. Fan the flames of revolution! Of freedom! Huzzah!


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • E to push an item (let go of the item to finish the mission)

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