Transparent allows resource packs to give certain entities textures with transparent (or translucent) pixels. To use, simply install the mod and use or create a resource pack that gives one of the supported entities a transparent texture.

Promotional Image

Resource pack used in the above image: BwW Texturepack.

Officially supports Paintings++ Mod!

Supported Entities

  • Armor Stand (1.19.4+)
  • Painting
  • Item Frame
  • End Crystal
  • Beacon Beam (disabled by default)

If you want another entity to be supported by this mod, please let me know on Discord or GitHub Issues.


Entity Enabled By Default Reason Versions
Armor Stand true 1.19.4+
Painting true
Item Frame true
End Crystal true
Beacon Beam false Enabling transparency causes render layer bugs.

In order to change the default configuration, paste the following json file content into a file in your resource pack located at /assets/transparent/transparent.json.

    "armor_stand": true,
    "beacon_beam": false,
    "end_crystal": true,
    "item_frame": true,
    "painting": true