Dion Tryban

Hello, I am a Computer Science major studying at Florida State University who is interested in video game development.

I am the Vice President of DevLUp FSU where I help teach students game programming via workshops, lectures, and projects.

Thank you for visiting! Learn more about me or my projects.

Featured Projects

Game Jam
DOOMed Tales Promo Image

A short game inspired by DOOM made in a weekend with the Godot game engine with the theme of "Fairytale Murder."


My personal website built with SvelteKit, Typescript, and mdsvex.

Quickwarden Promo Image

A companion utility for the Bitwarden Desktop Client that creates a popup window to quickly copy usernames, passwords, and verification codes while inside any other app.

Game Jam
Squirreling Away Promo Image

Play as an escaped pet hamster saved by the squirrel resistance!

MC Mod

An API that provides an abstraction layer between the APIs of the main Minecraft mod loaders: (Neo)Forge and Fabric.

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